Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Face Of Christ

Is this face of Christ? Is this what Jesus actually looked like?

New York Times bestseller "Heaven Is For Real" features the near death experience of a boy named Colton Burpo. A ruptured appendix was misdiagnosed as the flu and the boy nearly died.

During his time on the operating table, Colton said he got to see heaven and meet Jesus. The story he tells is remarkable. He told his parents about his experience months after fully recuperating much to their astonishment.

In heaven he met his great grandfather and his miscarried baby sister.

Here is Colton Burpo's story:

But what is equally amazing is the above picture. It's painted by Coeur D'Alene art prodigy Akiane Kramarik who experienced similar visits to heaven beginning when she was four.

When Colton was shown Akiane's picture of Jesus, he said, "That's him! That's Jesus!"

Here is Akiane's story:

I know for many of us having a picture of Jesus in our head can help us to pray better. I pray this picture can help you to build a more meaningful relationship with our Lord and Savior. Peace...

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