Saturday, May 3, 2014

Homily – AMHS 2014 Grandparents Day Liturgy - Lauryn Wirtala

Acts of the Apostles 5:34-42
John 6:1-15

What signs in our lives can be considered miracles?  Is Jesus someone we trust with our very lives to help feed us and sustain us with his abundant love?
I know a young lady who trusts in Jesus and sees clearly the miracles He’s done in her life.
Her name is Lauryn Wirtala and her dream was to attend Archbishop Murphy High School.  But it was a dream that was not to be due to her poor health.
You see, when Lauryn was 13 and in seventh grade, she was diagnosed with two chronic and incurable diseases.  Her life has been a series of hospital visits, chemo therapy, lost hair, feeding tubes and the stress of knowing that her health challenges had changed her life’s course forever.
 But in all of this Lauryn still sees Christ performing miracles in her life; the miracle of keeping her alive to see another day, the miracle of filling her heart with love for her family and friends who pray for her daily, the miracle of doctors who work to stay steps ahead of diseases with no cures, the miracle of being able to share her story with others so they can find God, can find Jesus, in her daily struggles.
Earlier this year, Lauryn was in the hospital for an extended period, with only a PICC line and a feeding tube keeping her alive, and pain meds helping her to endure it all.
Her family called a priest to sacramentally anoint her and pray with her and her family. 
Three days later, Lauryn was walking again, off her pain meds and soon out of the hospital to finish her senior year of high school.
Just like today’s Gospel, people marvel at the signs Jesus is doing in her life and give thanks for these miracles.
I’d like to introduce you to Lauryn Wirtala and ask her to share more of her powerful story with us all today.  
Lauryn:  I know you had a dream.  We want to make that dream come true. 
It is my great honor to bestow upon you today an Honorary Diploma from Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School.
  On behalf of President Matt Schambari, Principal Steve Schmutz and the entire Archbishop Murphy community, we welcome you as an honorary Wildcat.  Congratulations!

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