Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The first iServant Media-inspired news story

I want to thank KOMO Newsradio's Brian Calvert for having the heart to tell this story the right way.

(Courtesy of KOMO Newsradio)

"Food, Shelter, and Safety. That's all one woman needed to point her life in a positive direction.

Like so many others, Sandra needed out of her lifestyle ruled by drugs and alcohol.

'I was dead in my tracks, and I had burned all my bridges,' Sandra tearfully told KOMO News.  'I finally admitted that what I was wasn't me.'

Sandra knocked on the door of the Salvation Army Womens' Shelter at Pike and Boren on Seattle's Capitol Hill. She had a place to sleep, a place to eat, and as it would turn out…a place to start over. You see, a lot of us think of shelters as a place one where just gets some sleep and food. But Captain Dana Libby reminds us that is merely where this new journey begins.

'People have the ability to change their circumstances if you can help them overcome their immediate needs,' Libby says.

Watch the rest of Sandra's inspiring story by clicking the video link above.

There will be a benefit Saturday, September 29th in Ballard to raise money to expand this womens' shelter. For more information on the 'Gimme Shelter' event with host Joel McHale, click here.


Tickets are still available to "Gimme Shelter."  Click on the below link to purchase:

Hope to see you there!

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