Friday, March 1, 2013

Romero - The Music Video

I feel so blessed to have just returned from Central America having spent two weeks in El Salvador and Guatemala with fellow deacons and priests on a Maryknoll pilgrimage to the sites of the martyrs.

One of my lasting memories was concelebrating Mass at the hospital chapel "La Divina Providencia" in San Salvador where Archbishop Oscar Romero died 33 years ago. 

As we were saying the Our Father I realized I was standing on the exact spot where Romero's life was sacrificed at the altar while celebrating the Eucharistic sacrifice.  The moment moved me to tears.

The journey continues to have a profound impact on all of us who attended.

Now comes word of a new music album called "The Project: Martyrs Prayers" that will commit to music the heroic acts of those who stood firm in their faith and gave their lives to proclaim Christ's message.

The first song on the album is called "Romero."  The lyrics are all words spoken by Archbishop Oscar Romero during his earthly ministry.  It's a beautiful song set to images of Romero's final years of life.

Here's the music video "Romero."

This music video is powerful reminder of the cost of living out the Gospel message especially for shepherds willing to lay down their lives for the flock.

As we continue on our Lenten journey and live out our own daily sacrifices, I pray the example of Romero will live in our hearts and in our actions as we remember Christ's horrific death and joyous resurrection.  And understand each of us is called into this reality.


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