Thursday, July 18, 2013

How The Other Half Live

I had an unusual emotional experience yesterday when my Spanish teacher Isabel took me to the swanky Hotel Antigua to see the caged Guacamayas (large parrots).

The birds live on the neatly trimmed grass area next to a children's play structure that can only be found behind gates and walls and away from the average Guatemalan.

Inside on a hot afternoon day were dozens of American, European and wealthy Central American tourists. A few years ago I could have come to such a place without blinking.

But on this day the showy wealth in a beautiful, yet relatively poor part of the world made me sick to my stomach. I was surprised by this visceral reaction.

Perhaps God is showing me a new reality where all can play on the kids play toy and Guacamayas roam freely without cages keeping them from experiencing the real world. It's a place where there is no division between rich and poor. Perhaps God is showing me the Kingdom.

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  1. Oh Dennis - thank you for this, thank you. The Kingdom is everywhere, but for us to be aware and to participate, to cooperate with God is another matter most days.